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Ripper Street - OK friends…. We want to get our follower... | Facebook

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As so many of you already know, Louise will be in season 3 of this amazing show. So… let’s help Ripper Street official Facebook page to reach an higher number of followers - Like their page!

I could go for a Ripper Street t shirt with “that 👆” on it

* hint, hint Amazon*

I know at least one character here who is not coming back.
But hope to see all the rest next season.

I know at least one character here who is not coming back.
But hope to see all the rest next season.

I hope they can get back to “this ☝️” again.

I hope they can get back to “this ☝️” again.

No more “Mr. Nice Guy”


Jed’s ink, does anyone know what it says/means?

I’m reblogging myself, because I’m still curious. Does anyone know what this means?

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Jed’s ink, does anyone know what it says/means?

I’m reblogging myself, because I’m still curious. Does anyone know what this means?

Top 5 character crushes.
In no particular order.
I❤️ British actors.

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Whyyyy ;-; Why Bennet is with Bella?? He should be with Rose! Bella is boring -,-

I always shipped Bennet with Rose (sorry Bella). But I hate what the writers did with this character. In S1 she seemed to be a strong, brave, sane woman ( she didn’t hesitate to take out Victor), then in S2 she became this cult queen, nut job, with tragic results.

Her character could have gone in a much better direction, just sayin.

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Ripper Street blends are all up on Adagio:

Detective Inspector: Smooth, classic and a little traditional, but he’s got a bit of a sharp and rowdy side. Earl Grey Moonlight, Pu Erh Hazelberry, Caramel, and an accent of raspberry leaves.

Detective Sergeant: Strong and steady blend with Irish Breakfast, Pu Erh Chocorange and Cream.

Fallen Constable: Sweet and light, full of lost dreams. Almond, Caramel, Cream and an accent of cocoa nibs.

Ginger Sergeant: Ginger through and through, he’s the steady one always supporting you. Spiced Apple Chai, Assam Melody and accents of apple pieces and cranberries.

Iron Madam: She is bold and proud. Almond, Pu Erh Hazelberry, Caramel and accents of apple pieces and hibiscus.

Ried’s American: What can you expect from a slovenly American besides tobacco notes and a bit of smoke? Assam Melody, Pu Erh Dante, Lapsang Souchong and accents of apple pieces and hibiscus.

Tarnished Rose: Malty with a creamy complexion and just a touch of perfume. Assam Melody, Summer Rose and Cream.

Uncommon Crusader: Smooth and sweet, but you can’t miss her English backbone. Rooibos Vanilla Chai, Pu Erh Spice and Cream.

I’d like the Detective Inspector blended with the Uncommon Crusader.

While patiently waiting for S3 of Ripper Street, I discovered the dramatic treasure that is House M.D.
Netflix has all 8 seasons! which I’ve been marathoning lately. (Thus explaining why my posts have temporarily stopped.

So just when I’m well into season 6, and forgetting all about Ripper Street, I get this little reminder that Captain Jackson and friends are coming back this year.

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